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Collapsible LED Flashlight

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Product Details

It's a flashlight. It's a lantern. It's both all in one and collapses down to the size of a hockey puck! Bring light to your camping adventures, backpacking trips, or emergencies with this indoor/outdoor Pop-Up Collapsible LED Flashlight. Small and lightweight, the Pop-Up Flashlight leaves plenty of extra space for other crucial survival gear in your emergency kit and supplies.
  • THREE MODE SETTINGS - In just seconds, push the button to switch between two brightness settings (a blinding high beam or low beam) or a strobe setting perfect for emergencies to signal for help.
  • DOUBLES AS FLASHLIGHT AND COLLAPSIBLE LANTERN - With just a quick twist and press, this compact LED lantern transforms into a handheld flashlight, or with another quick twist, it will pop up from a lightweight flashlight into a full lantern perfect for hanging anywhere.
  • INCLUDES FLIP UP HANGING HANDLE - If you want to hang this durable lantern, the pop-up easy-to-use hook and handle have you covered.
3w ABS folding led camping lantern/New Arrived Plastic Collapsible Powerful LED Lamp Lantern
  • USE ANY AA BATTERY TYPE YOU WANT - You can use either regular or rechargeable batteries (not included); Whether at home indoors, outdoors, camping, fishing, riding, or for security or emergency reasons, with just three AA batteries, you will have hours upon hours of light to guide your way in the dark.


    • Weight: 141g.
    • Light Bulb: LED.
    • Battery: 3 AA batteries (Not Included).
    • Color: Red / Blue / Green / Yellow / Orange.
    • 3 Brightness modes: Strong / Weak / Flash.
    • Set size/Pack size: 5 x 3.3 inches/1.9 x 3.3 inches.
    • Material: ABS plastics & Rubber paint & Waterproof coating.

    Package Include:

    • 1 x Pop-Up Collapsible LED Flashlight.

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